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Becoming Friends

This blog is kinda sorta a little bit friends only. Whassat mean? It means most of my entries are available for anyone to see. However, there are a certain few only for the members of my flist.

"How do I become your friend? I NEED TO KNOW I LOVE YOU." If you wanna be friends, that's super cool. ADD ME AWAY! I shall gladly add you back if you COMMENT HERE to let me know you aren't some random spam journal. You should also find details on how to not be kicked off my flist, as if your journal offends me I certainly don't want you on my FL, no I do not.

I update my journal ALL THE TIME CONSTANTLY. Well not really, but I update very frequently and I don't like lj-cuts. They are stupidlicious, unless used for big layout-stretching pictures. I can scroll thanks you don't have to write behind a cut please and thank you thanks thanks please. Ahem. Just be aware of this if you add me. 8D

I might in some cases use Japanese text, and if you do not have support for it it's gonna come out as like keysmash on your friends list. OH WELL.... I also am extremely perverse and have a tendency to curse and I don't even know which one is worse, but I'll steal your purse and put you in a hurse and I forget that some people are still less then 18 years old. Whoops and again, OH WELL!

I make up words and use bad grammar. FOR FUN.

I fanspazz like crazy. Truth be told, it's really all I do. Ever. True story. Ask my mom. Anyway....

Random... TRUTHS.

Everything I say is a threat to your life. LOL No not really, that's a liiiie. I'm so sorry. but I love you.

I make all of my own graphics, thanks and you're welcome. I also made my layout please thanks. I don't always add random politeries to my sentences by the way thank you I just think it's fun right now at the moment.

Along with finding my graphics here, you may see the occasional fanart or translation. YAH I know enough Japanese to translate somethings sometimes, it's true.

Tag Explanation

a: artist
dl: download
fw: fanwork
f: friends/family members
lj: livejournal duh!


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